Genome modality Understanding physical properties
of the genome

Towards deep understanding
of the Genome

Since the discovery of DNA double helix, genome study has been expanded and our knowledge of the genome was enormously progressed; Meanwhile whole genome has been sequenced in many model organisms and nowadays genome editing technology is widely and rapidly spread. The past genome researches have mainly forced on its informational aspects, such as replication, repair, recombination, and division of the genomic information and further highlighted epigenetic regulations to explain genetic phenomena. On the other hand, physical properties of the DNA, such as stiffness, torsion, supercoiling and so on, have been much less understood, although it is the most important properties directly affecting the genome structure. In this project, we focus on physical properties of DNA/chromatin/genome to understand how the genome builds its functional structure.

Genome modality

We define “genome modality” as a multi-dimensional mode to organize the structure and function of the genome. To uncover the bona fide genome structure from the perspective of “genome modality”, we take multiple approaches including polymer physics, mathematical modeling, biochemistry, cell biology, and genome science as well.