A02-3 Modality of mitotic chromosomes

Condensins I and II are large protein complexes that play a central role in mitotic chromosome assembly and segregation. Each complex is composed of five subunits: two SMC (Structural Maintenance of Chromosomes) ATPase subunits and three regulatory subunits. Despite recent advances in the field, our understanding of the mechanisms of action of these intricate molecular machines remains very poor. The aim of this research project is to understand how condensins utilize the physical properties of DNA (e.g., its rigidity and torsional response) to make DNA loops and to assemble mitotic chromosomes. We will also address the question of how the unique physico-chemical properties of HEAT-repeat subunits contribute to the formation of dynamic chromosome axes. To this end, we will combine two powerful assays for reconstituting mitotic chromosomes in vitro and set up fruitful collaborations with other members.

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