Dynamic interaction analysis between histone tails and DNA in the chromatosome

Conformational changes between heterochromatin and euchromatin regulate gene expression, and these chromatin conformational changes are controlled by epigenetic modifications to DNA and histone proteins. Most histone modification sites are concentrated in the intrinsically disordered tail of histones, which protrudes from the core structure of the nucleosome. The linker histone H1, which binds to the nucleosome, also has long intrinsically disordered tails. However, because histone tails are dynamic, it is not well understood how they regulate the structure of the nucleosome and chromatin. This study will analyse changes in the dynamic interaction between the histone H3 N-tail and DNA due to epigenetic modifications in linker histone H1-bound nucleosomes. This study aims to elucidate the importance of the dynamic interaction of histone tails through DNA in chromatin conformation changes.


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