Genomic modality in nuclear pore territories 2.0

Genomic DNA in the nucleus is a biopolymer whose structure and function change multi-dimensionally depending on the environment surrounding it. The Nuclear Pore Complex (NPC), which is composed of 30 different proteins, penetrates the nuclear membrane and forms a pore through which DNA information is transmitted. In the nuclear pore territory, NPCs and the lamin proteins lining the nuclear membrane cooperate to regulate the selective silencing and activation of genes involved in cell characterization. In this project, we will utilize our nanotechnology to create research tools to analyze protein-DNA interactions and DNA nanodynamics in the nuclear membrane territories, and to understand the hierarchical changes in genomic modalities at the nanoscale. We are also interested in how different types of viruses are transported into the cell and hijacking the nuclear pores and rewiring host chromatin architecture.


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